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Pennsylvania Broadband Access: A Speed Test Analysis

February 11, 2022  | Infrastructure

Access to affordable broadband technology has been a long-standing challenge for many rural Pennsylvanians. In November 2021, the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act set aside $65 billion to improve access to high-speed internet across the nation. Part of that act requires states to prioritize projects for those with the most limited access to broadband connections. The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 96 of 2021 shortly after the federal law. Act 96 established the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority to improve internet access across the Commonwealth.


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Broadband Demand: The Cost and Price Elasticity of Broadband Internet Service in Rural Pennsylvania

November 30, 2020  | Infrastructure

The digital divide is a long-standing problem that has disadvantaged far too many already marginalized constituencies. Over the past several years, interest in more accurately documenting the true state of broadband connectivity has grown dramatically; with the coronavirus pandemic forcing millions of Americans to work and learn from home, the importance of ensuring universal broadband connectivity has never been more salient.

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Broadband Availability and Access in Rural Pennsylvania (2019)

June 04, 2019  | Infrastructure

This year-long research effort focused on precisely measuring median broadband speeds within specific geographic areas, and on identifying the extent of variances between the "official" estimates of broadband availability and broadband speed measurements. This provides a considerable level of documentation and insight into the state of broadband connectivity experienced by rural residents across Pennsylvania. The projects team's archival research documents that broadband connectivity has been successfully deployed to previously underserved communities, both within Pennsylvania and across the country, using a diverse array of business models. 

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Introducing the Center's new journal, Rural Policy: The Research Bulletin of the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.