Broadband Availability and Access

This study, conducted in 2018, mapped actual broadband speeds across the state to determine the true state of broadband connectivity.

A copy of the research report and executive summary are available below, as well as the county-level profiles that compare the research findings of real-world broadband speeds with the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Fixed Broadband Deployment Data from FCC Form 477.

For the live data, and for questions or comments about the research tools and data, visit here.

County Profiles

The code, applications, tools and platforms used to analyze, study and generate the data behind the research maps are open source and freely available for others to study, modify or improve upon. The repositories where this code and data can be accessed, along with a synopsis of each, follows. Please note that by clicking on any of the links below you will be redirected from the Center's website.

Github - this repository contains code in the R and YAML programming languages, documentation, instructions and examples of various maps that can be generated from M-Lab (or other geocoded) data here.
M-Lab publishes all data it collects in raw form as archives on Google Cloud Storage (GCS) at the fllowing location. M-Lab also provides query access to its datasets in BigQuery at no charge to interested users. Following the steps at the link below allows anyone to use BigQuery to search M-Lab datasets without charge when the measurement-lab project is selected in your Google Cloud Platform console, or set as your project in the Google Cloud SDK. However, queries from Google Cloud Platform projects you create, saving query results to BigQuery tables, etc. may incur costs to you.

Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) - NDT is used to diagnose network performance and configuration problems. This tool can determine the speed (Dial-up to OC-192) and duplex (full or half) settings of the slowest link on the end-to-end path between a desktop computer and a server running the NDT. It can determine if performance is limited by network congestion (e.g., competing traffic over the shared portions of the end-to-end path). It can also determine if the throughput is limited by the client's network configuration parameters. Finally, the tool looks for and reports serious error conditions, duplex mismatch and faulty hardware.

Collectd-mlab - The collectd-mlab package provides a collectd plugin and associated scripts for continuous monitoring and periodic export of metrics for each M-Lab server location. The resulting data allows M-Lab to monitor its infrastructure capacity, and to confirm the capacity of a given M-Lab server location at a given time. This package is designed to run in the M-Lab experiment environment.

The collectd data for M-Lab's infrastructure can be reviewed, queried, and inspected in M-Lab's public switch dataset.
This project contains the repository for the Measurement Lab visualizations web client provided online at measurementlab and github.
mlab-speedtest is an Angular.js application provided on the website.
The app code currently uses gulp to integrate language localization pre-deployment.