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Attitudinal Survey of Pennsylvanians, 2019 (2020)

May 09, 2020  | Rural People and Communities

To best serve their communities, policymakers must know the current attitudes of the people who live in their communities. The Center for Rural Pennsylvania sponsored attitudinal surveys of rural and urban Pennsylvanians to learn more about their attitudes on a variety of long-standing and timely issues. The results indicate several areas of consensus in rural and urban attitudes, but also identify a few rural and urban differences. Most respondents in both rural and urban communities had similar attitudes about issues in their local communities, communities across Pennsylvania, and the performance of the government. The one key difference was that rural respondents identified the availability of jobs as the most important issue while urban respondents identified maintenance of roads and bridges as the most important issue.  The importance of expanding broadband internet access was a higher priority for both rural and urban respondents than in previous surveys. 

Executive Summary

Tags:  community , government , jobs , broadband , attitudes


Youth Perspectives on Marcellus Shale Gas Development: Community Change and Future Prospects (Report 4)

September 30, 2014  | Environment and Natural Resources

This research examined the perspectives of youth in Pennsylvania communities that have experienced active Marcellus Shale natural gas development. The data were gathered during focus group discussions with educators and youth in 2013 in the northern tier Pennsylvania counties of Bradford and Lycoming, and the southwest counties of Washington and Green. These focus groups were conducted as part of a larger, multi-sector case study assessment of Marcellus Shale development impacts.

Tags:  gas development , community , natural gas development , youth , marcellus shale

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