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COVID-19 Effects on Pennsylvania Crime Trends: A Rural/Urban Comparison

June 30, 2022  | Rural People and Communities

The goals of the research were to investigate whether the COVID-19 pandemic triggered or heightened the crimes of murder and abuse in Pennsylvania, and to identify rural-urban differences in these outcomes both before and during the pandemic.

Executive Summary

Tags:  covid , murder , crime


Changes in Crime Related to Marcellus Shale Development (2017)

March 17, 2017  | Environment and Natural Resources

To date, preliminary research on the effects of Marcellus Shale development activity has found limited or mixed results linking criminal activity to well development, although some studies and qualitative data suggest a relationship, at least in some communities. This research used publically available data to examine the relationship between Marcellus Shale development and crime before and after the onset of Marcellus Shale activity. The analysis focused on arrest rates for five crimes: overall minor crimes, driving under the influence, public drunkenness, drug abuse violations, and disorderly conduct. The findings suggest that of the five crimes, driving under the influence and disorderly conduct arrest rates were associated with well density, controlling for other factors. The other three crime categories - minor crimes, public drunkenness, and drug abuse violations - are not significantly related to Marcellus Shale well development across counties or over time. 

Tags:  marcellus shale , crime


An Examination of Hate and Bias Incidents in Pennsylvania, 1999-2012 (2015)

March 14, 2015  | Rural People and Communities

This study examined hate and bias incidents in Pennsylvania using information gathered by the Pennsylva-
nia Human Relations Commission (PHRC) from 1999 to 2012. The PHRC data came from media accounts
(about 60 percent of the database incidents) and reports from police agencies, advocacy groups, county coalitions, and victims.

Tags:  hate , bias , crime


Effects of Marcellus Shale Development on the Criminal Justice System (Report 6)

September 30, 2014  | Environment and Natural Resources

This research used data from public agencies to describe the potential association between Marcellus Shale development and criminal activity and three components of the criminal justice system (law enforcement, courts, corrections).

Tags:  criminal justice , marcellus shale , crime


An Examination of Criminal Justice Offenders in Pennsylvania (2013)

March 01, 2013  | Rural People and Communities

This study analyzed data from the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) to create a profile of rural and urban criminal justice offenders in Pennsylvania. The study also analyzed sentencing trends and examined treatment histories. It focused special attention on domestic violence, drug and sex crimes.

Tags:  sentencing , rural courts , criminal offenders , crime

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