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An Analysis of Pennsylvania's Children

November 22, 2022  | Rural People and Communities

This study used secondary data from multiple sources to present a short analysis of Pennsylvania children (ages 0-17) over the 10-year period of 2010-2019. It analyzed trends pertaining to children along seven different dimensions, including location, demographics, economic circumstances, education, health care, health, and behaviors. The results indicate that both rural and urban children have seen some improvements in economic circumstances, healthcare, and health from 2010 to 2019. However, there are opportunities to improve outcomes for children overall.

Tags:  education , health care , children , economic


Economic Changes in Pennsylvania within the Context of Marcellus Shale Development (2017)

March 17, 2017  | Environment and Natural Resources

The significance of Marcellus Shale gas development to local, regional, state, and national economies has been of public policy importance since the mid-2000s. This research analyzed peer-reviewed studies of the economic impacts from Marcellus Shale's development. The implications of this review were two-fold. First, economic impacts will likely be short-run due to the temporal dynamics of the industry. Second, there is a fairly strong consensus in the academic literature that impacts on employment and compensation are modest, indicating that employment should be considered neither a long-term economic benefit of development nor the most significant local economic benefit of development. 

Tags:  marcellus shale , economic

The Marcellus Shale Impacts Study Wave 2: Chronicling Social and Economical Change in Northern and Southwestern Pennsylvania (2017)

March 17, 2017  | Environment and Natural Resources

In 2012, this research team began the first wave of longitudinal research to examine the social and economic impacts of Marcellus Shale activity in four case study counties. Wave 1 found that the impacts are likely uneven across places, people, and time. Documenting these differences became the focus for Wave 2. Descriptive analyses conducted in Wave 1 identified potential effects of development but lacked the ability to test those relationships statistically. Wave 2 sought to re-examine the impacts on crime, housing, the economy, agriculture, health and health care access, and traffic incidents in relation to Marcellus Shale development. This report describes the efforts of the research team to address these issues. Finally, policy approaches are needed that effectively recognize disparities in experiences. Certain segments of the population are more vulnerable to rapid economic and industrial change, and policies need to consider mechanisms to compensate those groups negatively affected.

Tags:  marcellus shale , economic


Measuring United Way Campaign Success (2015)

July 10, 2015  | Rural People and Communities

To learn more about the campaign success of United Ways (UWs), especially in rural Pennsylvania, this research, which was conducted in 2014, evaluated the success of the annual community fundraising campaigns of Pennsylvania UWs from 2003 to 2013. Campaign success was defined as a combination of two variables: the number of times a UW surpassed a previous year’s total, and the number of times a UW increased its campaign goal from the previous year.

Tags:  united way , community fundraising , youth , economic , elderly

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