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Analysis of Special Education Enrollments and Funding in Pennsylvania Rural and Urban School Districts (2015)

September 10, 2015  | Education

This research examined special education student enrollments in rural and urban school districts and in charter schools in Pennsylvania. It also conducted a fiscal analysis of the expenditures and revenues from state, federal, and local sources. Finally, it described the long-term fiscal impacts of special education on school district budgets and state and federal funding levels. The research covered the latest 10-year period (2002-03 through 2012-13) for which data were available.

Tags:  charter schools , student enrollment , special education , public schools , school revenues and expenditures


Assessing the Enrollment Trends and Financial Impacts of Charter Schools on Rural and Non-Rural School Districts in Pennsylvania (2014)

June 18, 2014  | Education

This research assessed charter school enrollment trends in Pennsylvania and the financial impacts of charters and cyber charters on traditional K-12 school districts for academic years (AY) 2006-2007 through 2010-2011, the most recent years for which data were available. The research also analyzed how these impacts may vary according to urban and rural location and districts’ student racial/ethnic demographics

Tags:  rural schools , charter schools , student enrollment , finances

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