Wealth Transfer in Pennsylvania

Transfer of Wealth in Pennsylvania

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This 2024 study on the transfer of wealth (TOW) in Pennsylvania provides an update to the two prior TOW analyses of Pennsylvania released in 2016 and 2008. Since much has changed in Pennsylvania and the U.S. over the past several years, the Center for Rural Pennsylvania sponsored this updated TOW analysis to develop more current estimates for the intergenerational transfer of wealth that may occur in Pennsylvania.

As before, these trends offer significant opportunities for many communities to create and/or expand community foundations and non-profit entities capable of supporting community improvement work. The Center trusts that this updated analysis will facilitate conversations about the magnitude of the assets present in every county of the Commonwealth, and how those assets could be leveraged to ensure long-term community resiliency.

A copy of the research findings, Transfer of Wealth in Pennsylvania 2024, is available below, as are copies of the 67 county wealth profile scenarios.

County Scenarios 2016